We’ve walked past this joint numerous times but never ventured in. So last Friday, we were looking for dessert and decided to check them out.

Housed on the ground floor of a refurbished shop house, the gelato joint is a mix of chic dark brown colors with intersecting Wallpapered chars gets right out of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale. The ice cream display counter is towards the back of the shop, and boasts about 10 flavours, such as grape Yakult, banana Tim tam, pistachio, strawberry, and chocolate.

Greeted by a couple of enthusiastic servers who looked like Uni students earning some pocket money, we were given taste samples of the flavours on show. We settled on a mix of the grape Yakult and banana Tim tam in a cup. It’s cost $4.80.

The gelato was good, with the right amount of flavoring and ingredients. The ice cream was a little too sticky for my looking, but generally went down well.

The place was nicely packed on a Friday night by a coterie of after-dinner people and some students out for some ice cream. The ambience was a nice relaxed chill, with enough noise to feel that your conversation isn’t echoing off the walls.

Good for hanging out with friends.







Red Art nasi padang

Wow! Was looking forward to Friday lunch at Dadi’s along East Coast Road but found Red Art instead.

The uncanny thing is – aside from the new signboards, everything else looks the same. The display cases in front of the shop, the food display fronting the kitchen, the cashier’s counter, even the shop, were exactly where they were at Dadi’s.

The food on the menu looked about the same – I ate a bowl of mee siam for $3.00 – but there were newer food items on offer, such as a nasi padang special or something like that.

The food quality is okay, and I didn’t really try other dishes. But I was a little surprised that Dadi’s has gone. I wonder if it was just a name change? And if their paper prata is available at Red Art?

Will find out next time. Red Art is along East Coast road, opposite the Paramount hotel.