Evening @MacRitchie Reservoir

A popular haunt with trail runners, qi gong pratitioners, people walking their dogs, parents with toddlers and so on, MacRitchie Rreservoir has been around since 1868 (see link).

I went for an evening run on the Lornie/Jelutong/Champedai trails (it’s 4.8 km long), while the rest of the family decided to explore the newly completed boardwalk. An attraction is the canoeing station where there are canoes for rent – the paddlers seemed to be enjoying themselves from where we stood.

Another attraction is the Treetop walk, which is a 250m bridge that was built across the two highest points in the forest. Quite amazing views – but you must first trek about a couple of kilometres into the forest.

If you’re in need of a spot to calm your senses, clear your head, or just to enjoy the beauty of nature, do check out MacRitchie Reservoir. Parking rates are pretty decent, and parking lots adequate.


Lunch at Siglap

If you fancied something local at the heart of Upper East Coast Road, then you might want to check out Killiney Kopitiam at Siglap. They serve very ‘Singaporean’ breakfasts e.g. thin slices of toasted bread, spread with butter and kaya, two half-boiled eggs, and a cup of steaming hot coffee. By the way, Kopitiam means ‘coffee shop’ in Hokkien, a local dialect.

We went for more substantial stuff like chee cheong fun, nasi lemak, mee rebus, and (surprise, surprise) fish & chips. They also do chicken curries. With 4 cans of softdrinks, the bill came up to about $26.

Next door to Killiney Kopitaim is a Starbucks outlet, where you can satiate your latte craving. Cost of coffee – $5.50 (tall size).

Blading @East Coast

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Beautiful Sunday morning and it was too good to pass up. So we grabbed the kids and headed out to East Coast Park for a morning blade.

It was a good day with scores of people out and about – even man & dog 🙂

We went eastward from our starting point near the Xtreme Skate park, and reached the back of Tanah Merah Country Club. Lovely stretch of tarmac for skating and biking, with a canal or two in between. The Radio Control Car Modellers Club was also open, and we took a peek.

Cater for about 2 hours all in.

Universal Studios Singapore

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Universal Studios Singapore is a must-see if you have kids, and it goes without saying that it ain’t cheap. Tickets for adults are $72/each, and kids at $52/each. You can book online, and it’s a cinch to get them.

Prices vary depending on whether it’s peak or non-peak periods.

Parking at Resorts World Sentosa on Fridays starts at $7 for the first hour, and $2 per subsequent half hour.

Food, drinks + ice-cream for us came up to $60 – it was a pretty hot day, so refreshments were needed every hour or so.

Having said that, it is a world-class theme park, and the kids enjoyed themselves a lot. The are 6 different sections – Hollywood Boulevard, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World (including Water world), Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Over at Hollywood Boulevard, Lights! Camera! Action! give a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into the art of movie-making, and how soundstage and effects are put together to create a scene. Quite fun for aspiring movie directors.

The Battlestar Galactica roller coaster is the main attraction of Sci-Fi City, and comprises two rides: Cyclone and Human. Cylone is the fiercer ride, and involves more twists and turns than the Human ride. Double dips and upside-down loops are par for the course, and if you are still standing by the end of it, feel free to wander over to theHuman ride next door.

At the Ancient Egypt section, the Revenge of the Mummy ride is good value. It’s quite a good ‘shocker’, with mummies spooking you in the dark, and braver kids will love it.

Over at Lost World, the rapids ride is fun, but prepared to get wet! Do bring a spare change of clothes, if not a towel.

There’s also a rock-climbing section where you can scale a 20-ft rock surface covered with dinosaur bones. It’s quite a fun activity if you’ve got hyper-active kids. It costs $5 per person to climb, but it’s fun!

At Far Far Away, the junior roller coaster is another short but fun ride if you want to start off younger kids on the thrills of riding one – there are height restrictions for Battlestar Galactica anyway.

Lastly, take a leisurely boat ride into the hull of the Madagascar ship as the story of how Alex and his merry gang defeated the hyenas are played out within the confines of the ship.

At night, the spectacular fireworks start at 9 pm, and are a nice wrap to the day. Just don’t get sticker shock when you head out of the car park 🙂

At the carwash – and the beach

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One of the small pleasures in life is to chill and let time pass you by.

Enter the car wash. It’s like a giant water tank – entertaining for the kids (who make up stories about snow storms and magic spells) and a chilled-out moment for yourself – no stress on the road.

Cost -$7 at your nearest SPC petrol station.

Another great place to chill is the beach – and I mean East Coast Park.

Long stretches of grass and sand, punctuated by breakwaters and the occasional jetty make for great reflection time. The family takes a slow stroll and soak up the breeze, sun, and people-watch as time disappears.

Great way to spend the evening.

Other notables at Yong Siak street

Across the road from Forty hands are a couple of stores – one’s a bookstore, and the other a home furnishing/accessories store.

Books Actually is at No.9 Yong Siak, and they carry a wide range of titles that are not so commonplace. Categories such as Human Science (stuff by Freud and Jung etc) and History (World wars etc) stand cheek by jowl with Literature etc.

We bought a Rushdie book called The Moor’s Last Sigh. Quite a good place to browse on a slightly rainy afternoon.

Strangelets is next door at No.7 Yong Siak, and they carry their own-sourced brands of home furnishings and accessories, as well as stationery and their ilk. They also stock T-shirts and other stuff. They used to be at Amoy street in the Central Business District, but have moved to this nice neighbourhood.

Quite enjoyed the Tiong Bahru outing.

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