Cupcakes with Love

Blink and you might miss it. That’s probably the intent of the owners of Cupcakes with Love – a new shop at 348 Tanjong Katong road.

The nondescript shop blends in with its neighbours, which are a provision shop on the left and a dry-cleaners on the right. The only giveaway is a small sign overlooking a bus stop in front of the shop.

The cupcake display counter greeted us as we entered the shop. Its interior is cement-screed chic, with a spartan Nordic feel, featuring low birch tables and chairs spread about the shop.

Individual cupcakes are sold at $3.80 each, and a half dozen costs $22. We bought a box of 6 to sample.

Special care and attention to detail is paid to each cupcake, and you can see the loving way each one has been baked. We liked the chocolatey ones, with just the right amount of moistness. However, the others in our sample box were a tad too sweet for our liking – it may suit those with a sweeter tooth.

Will return to check out their coffee soon.












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