A short review – Stardust by Neil Gaiman

The book, aimed at the teenager, is a fantasy tale about the how true love can overcome all difficulties. Young Tristan Thorn, the main protagonist, sets off on a search for a fallen star so that he could bring it back to his professed love, Victoria. However, the journey entails crossing over from the human side of Wall – his sleepy village – into the realm of Faerie, which is the world inhabited by non-humans. There, he encounters numerous characters who help him or hinder him, but he manages to find the fallen star, in the form of a girl.

As he journeys back with his find, there are others also searching for the fallen star, and for sinister purposes. It is a fairy tale ending for all, as could be expected of a book for teens, but caution for parents thinking of buying this book – there is almost graphic depiction of sex, so you might wish to discuss those issues with your teenage reader after they finish the book.


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