Universal Studios Singapore

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Universal Studios Singapore is a must-see if you have kids, and it goes without saying that it ain’t cheap. Tickets for adults are $72/each, and kids at $52/each. You can book online, and it’s a cinch to get them.

Prices vary depending on whether it’s peak or non-peak periods.

Parking at Resorts World Sentosa on Fridays starts at $7 for the first hour, and $2 per subsequent half hour.

Food, drinks + ice-cream for us came up to $60 – it was a pretty hot day, so refreshments were needed every hour or so.

Having said that, it is a world-class theme park, and the kids enjoyed themselves a lot. The are 6 different sections – Hollywood Boulevard, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World (including Water world), Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Over at Hollywood Boulevard, Lights! Camera! Action! give a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into the art of movie-making, and how soundstage and effects are put together to create a scene. Quite fun for aspiring movie directors.

The Battlestar Galactica roller coaster is the main attraction of Sci-Fi City, and comprises two rides: Cyclone and Human. Cylone is the fiercer ride, and involves more twists and turns than the Human ride. Double dips and upside-down loops are par for the course, and if you are still standing by the end of it, feel free to wander over to theHuman ride next door.

At the Ancient Egypt section, the Revenge of the Mummy ride is good value. It’s quite a good ‘shocker’, with mummies spooking you in the dark, and braver kids will love it.

Over at Lost World, the rapids ride is fun, but prepared to get wet! Do bring a spare change of clothes, if not a towel.

There’s also a rock-climbing section where you can scale a 20-ft rock surface covered with dinosaur bones. It’s quite a fun activity if you’ve got hyper-active kids. It costs $5 per person to climb, but it’s fun!

At Far Far Away, the junior roller coaster is another short but fun ride if you want to start off younger kids on the thrills of riding one – there are height restrictions for Battlestar Galactica anyway.

Lastly, take a leisurely boat ride into the hull of the Madagascar ship as the story of how Alex and his merry gang defeated the hyenas are played out within the confines of the ship.

At night, the spectacular fireworks start at 9 pm, and are a nice wrap to the day. Just don’t get sticker shock when you head out of the car park 🙂

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