Singapore Science Centre

So we decided to do the ‘Planet Shark‘ exhibition as advertised by the Singapore Science Centre. It’s located at the Annexe adjacent to the Science Centre.

We took the afternoon to do this, and it cost $20/adult and $15/child. If you added $1/person each, you could also visit the rest of the Science Centre. And I’m glad we did – we breezed through the Shark exhibit in about 20 mins – and it felt like we just donated some cash for nothing.

Given that the kids mainly liked to see the Great White shark, the rest of the exhibits were passable but boring, and once they had seen the life-sized cast of the Great White, the show was over. So time spent at ‘Planet Shark’ exhibit – 20 mins max. Time spent in the Science Centre proper – over an hour.

Thankfully the Science Centre had loads more entertaining and educational exhibits for all ages – I liked the Mathematics exhibit, where you could learn about the history of Maths, or how Mathematical equations could be found in nature, e.g. in the nautilus (the golden ratio). I learnt something new today too – Euler’s number. Lovely stuff!

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